40mm Plastic: 350 Corners

Price : $86.95


Twikart Plastic Corner Protectors for shipping.

Protect your pictures, glass frames, signs, and flat panel applications.


350 Plastic Corners protecting 87 frames.

These Plastic Corners protect frames 1-5/8" deep



  • Perfect for light weight and heavy duty protection

  • These plastic corners look great and take up less space, with most of the products being about a millimeter thick

  • Same day shipping in most locations

  • These smooth, soft corners are flexible and they're molded with an inward bow to keep them on

  • 100% Reusable and Recyclable products

  • Free Sample Packs of all our products to prospective buyers

  • Twikart uses top quality materials & manufacturers for all our products

  • Quantity Discounts for multi-box orders.

  • Our plastic corner protectors come in 13 different sizes, ranging from 4mm all the way up to 50mm