CP-0: Bundle/ 32,160

Price : $1,365.00


32,160 Corners, will fit 8,040 frames.
Weight: 575 lbs

Protect your picture frames, signs, and flat panel applications with Twikart cardboard Corner Protectors for shipping

  • Twikart's Cardboard Corners are 100% Made In The USA. These cardboard corners are produced in Wisconsin.
  • Perfect for light weight and heavy duty protection.

  • Will fit frames or moldings up to 3/4┬áinches in depth.

  • They have a bright white finish and come on sheets with most scrap removed.

  • Same day shipping in most locations

  • Most of our cardboard corners are adjustable. This means they can be folded in two or three different widths so they're much more versatile than single-fold corners

  • 100% Reusable and Recyclable products

  • Free Sample Packs of all our products to prospective buyers

  • Twikart uses top quality materials & manufacturers for all our products

  • Quantity Discounts for multi-box orders.

  • Corners are scored, not perfed. All folds are smooth and clean - no tacky looking perforated dotted lines.