6" Bubble: 1,000 Corners Box /4/

Price : $245.00


1,000 6" Bubble Corners for shipping; will fit 250 Frames.

Twikart Bubble Corners for shipping are a safe, cost-effective, and lightweight way to protect your valuable materials. They don't need to be folded; are quick to apply, and they're easy to use for one major reason - they're transparent! They don't hide your artwork. All of them are 100% Made In The USA from heavyweight material with a smooth tough liner on both sides of the inner 5/16" bubble.


These are 8" on each short side or 6" high if you measure from the middle of the long side (The Altitude). They are about the same size as our CP-10 cardboard corners and will fit frames from about 1/2" to 2+" deep.


Safe - Our Bubble Corners for shipping are durable to keep your products safe. Simply staple or tape them to the corner that needs to be protected. These corners will keep a variety of items in great condition - from artwork to furniture or any flat panel application.


Cost Effective - All Twikart Corners are available at a competitive price, with bulk discounts available.

Please call 312-366-3454 for orders over 5 boxes.


Lightweight - No need to add additional weight to items while they're being shipped and moved around. These Bubble Corners for shipping, while being strong enough to protect your products, won't add additional bulk to them.


  • A lightweight yet durable solution

  • Will fit frames or moldings up to 4 inches in depth.

  • 2-day shipping in most locations

  • 100% Reusable and Recyclable products

  • Free Sample Packs of all our products to prospective buyers

  • Twikart uses top quality materials & manufacturers for all our products

  • Quantity Discounts for multi-box orders.