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The FC-1 foam lined corner protectors are 4" x 4" and fold to any depth from 3/4 to about 1-3/8".

  • FC-1 108 CORNERS

    FC-1 108 CORNERS

    108 corners. Will do 27 frames. you can choose adjustable, user-friendly & thick wall decor corner protectors to protect your picture…
  • FC-1 bundle/10,000 corners

    FC-1 bundle/10,000 corners

    Buy wood molding corner protectors in a variety of sizes and material from twikart.com 10,000 corners. We will do 2,500…
  • FC1 1,000 corners

    FC1 1,000 corners

    We have a variety of corner protectors for companies involved in all steps of furniture making. You can order quality…
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